Bye Mate

Dear whom I cannot hate,
It’s a year too late
But I know I sure did wait
For time to catch up to fate.

Just so you know, my pillow’s finally dry…

To you, hates’ pie I decided to bake,
But this chef is finally awake
Far from hell’s kitchen within the lake,
Mind soul and body, peace I’ve decided to make.

FYI: despite your flimsy apology, I forgive you…

My heart no longer laced with malice,
Though I admit I envied Alice,
She became queen of your palace,
As I, without warning, was thrown in sorrow’s chalice.

Hello! A warning would’ve been nice

To your woo I said yes,
Oblivious of how it’d turn into a mess,
How you’d love me less,
Move onto the next phase.

But I cannot hate you, for that would be hating me.

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